How to improve your digital marketing to fight against COVID19 crisis

How to make the right use of the web and social media to sell your products or services

Has Covid19 infected your business? It’s time to tackle the crisis successfully by improving your online presence. In this article, we will show you how customer habits have changed and what you can do to increase your visibility on search engines and meet new user needs.

Crescita delle vendite di e-commerce al dettaglio in tutto il mondo per area, 2020 (Fonte eMarketer)

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According to industry experts, on an economic and commercial level, the arrival of COVID-19 has caused an acceleration of about 5 years in the online sales processes that were slowly making their way into our lives. We are talking about the shift in shoppers’ preferences from physical shops to eCommerce platforms, a shift that, according to several studies, looks set to be consolidated.

This is why you need to make the right adjustments now and adapt your business strategy to the growing use of the internet, without delay!

Internet users in Switzerland


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sell your products 365 days a year

The growth of eCommerce sales since 2020 has been steadily increasing. During the lockdown there has been a real boom in online sales, with varying percentages in different factors, but never below +30%.

Some studies reported by Quantum Metrics stated that online orders are up +180% more than the previous year (2019) and that even those who had never bought online before, started to do so with some regularity.

With these figures in hand, it is easy to see how important it is to have an online shop that allows you to be visible and sell your products 24/7. Those who do not communicate in the right way in the digital world risk remaining invisible, trampled by competitors or “forgotten” by their regular customers, who are now increasingly used to making purchases from the comfort of their computer or mobile phone.

There are several positive sides to having a digital shop that should not be underestimated:

  • Savings on running costs compared to a physical shop
  • Continuous sales, without interruptions
  • Possibility of expanding one’s sales radius throughout the national and international territory
  • Possibility of adjusting one’s commercial offer in a short time with discounts and promotions to free up stock


Searched online for a product or service to buy (any device)


Visited an online retails site or store (any device)


Used shopping app on a mobile phone or on a tablet


Purchased a product online (any device)


Purchased a product online via mobile phone

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"If you're not online, you don't exist"
The importance of a website for your business

Spending some money on creating a website, or improving its design and content, may seem like a difficult choice these days, due to the low revenues that the lockdown has caused.  Instead, now is the right time to take care of your digital presence.

More than an expense, a website is an investment in the future: it has been proven that people look for information about a company or a product online first. Being found online is key: offering users what they want when they need it.  Having a website that is easy to find on search engines and to consult becomes essential to avoid losing customers and to reach new ones.

If designed correctly with an adequate presentation of your business in both graphics and communication style, your website becomes an irreplaceable digital business card, useful for making a good impression and maintaining credibility as a legitimate business.

8.42 M

Total number of internet users (any device)


Internet users as a percentage of total population

+146 K

Annual change in the number of internet users

5H 40M

Average daily time users aged 16 to 64 spend using the internet


Percentage of users accessing the internet via mobile devices

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The benefits of social media for your company

Social media has spread like wildfire in recent years, becoming an increasingly integral part of everyone’s life.

With the concurrence of the pandemic, it has been calculated that in 2020 there was a 21% increase in the number of people registered on at least one social platform compared to the previous year; a significant figure that helps us understand how important it is to open up our own corporate channel.

Creating a social profile on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. is very simple and within everyone’s reach, but it is important for companies to know and make the most of the potential of these channels to promote themselves.

In addition to being an entertainment and a tool for networking, social media can be a bridge to reach different targets and communicate directly with them, thus playing a fundamental communicative role in the company’s marketing strategy. These tools make it possible to establish direct contact with customers who, in addition to asking for information, are often looking for immediate support (customer care).

This way of making yourself perceived as being close to your customers, as well as increasing customer loyalty, generates a feeling of trust in the brand and the company, precisely because it gives users the feeling of being considered important to the company.

Of course, the main function of social networks is to communicate, but we must not forget that social media are also an excellent showcase for the company to present its products and services in a more informal and engaging way. Creating content is important to stimulate interaction and the growth of your online community of followers. For this reason, it is essential to set aside the right amount of time to create real interactions with users, but also to share interesting and engaging content, always relevant to your business, that keeps the channel active and in view.

So what is the advantage of social networks for companies?

  • They allow you to create and consolidate relationships with regular and potential customers;
  • They are an excellent tool for driving traffic to your website, including helping to improve its ranking on search engines;
  • They are free (no payment is required to open an account);
  • They allow you to reach a potentially unlimited audience;
  • They allow you to provide customer service more quickly and efficiently. Users can contact you via your social page to ask for information and support;
  • Allow users to read and write real feedback that contributes to the company’s brand reputation, making it perceived as real and trustworthy.
  • Allow you to quickly convey informative and commercial content, increasing the purchasing intent;

4.20 B

Total number of active social media users


Social media users as a percentage of global population

+490 M

Annual change in the number of global social media users

4.15 B

Total number of social media users accessing via mobile


Percentage of total social media users accesing via mobile

In conclusion, being able to pivot and adapt to the evolution of the digital world by following the growing needs of customers and the market is essential to ensure the longevity and health of your business.

Constant updating and research is the key to keeping up with the times, maintaining customer relationships and facing the crisis with growth prospects.

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